blades launched in january 2015, capturing the old school barbershop feel in a new school modern salon. mens grooming isn't just a "thing", it has become a necessity. although it has become essential, why should you have to compromise luxury for convenience. the three things we here at blades provide is luxury, awesome customer service and strong technical skills. which when put altogether in one location has become rare in the mens grooming industry, until now.
see you soon.


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barbering services


mens haircut

full haircut including cut, wash & style, shears, clippers & razor


blades clean up

the in-betweener a clean up of the sides and back, until your next full haircut



signature straight razor shave   ( 50 min )


MR. clean  (head shave)


Beard/goatee grooming (razor)


blades signature shave with haircut   $85              Mr. clean with signature shave     $80